Less peak hour traffic and water use

Fewer peak hour traffic trips

Peak hour traffic will be reduced by nearly 1,000 trips in the mornings and 500 trips in the evenings compared to the General Plan.

To alleviate existing problems and accommodate new houses, Deer Springs Road will be widened to four lanes from I-15 into the City of San Marcos. The I-15 interchange will also be improved.

Today, the intersections and roads surrounding Newland Sierra operate at failing Levels of Service.

With our proposed improvements, when Newland Sierra is complete, traffic will improve to passing Levels of Service.

less water used

Newland Sierra reduces the property’s water needs by 51% as compared to the uses in the current General Plan.

Our neighborhoods are designed to be a model for smart water use. Each home is required to have drought tolerant landscaping, while rainfall and runoff will be captured and directed into bioswales for landscaping and to recharge the aquifer.

A commitment to Sustainability

Newland Sierra will be the most environmentally sustainable master-planned community in San Diego.


All homes will feature solar panels to offset residential electricity consumption, and community buildings and street lights will also be solar-powered.

Vehicle Chargers

To encourage electric vehicle use, each home will be equipped with an electric vehicle charger, helping to reduce energy needs and emissions.

Electric Bicycles

Electric bike stations will be placed throughout the neighborhoods to provide residents with alternative transportation within the community.

Shuttles on & off site

A shuttle system will connect residents internally to the community parks and amenities, and externally to the public transportation network.

Carbon Neutral

Newland Sierra will result in no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions. We will be the first 100 percent carbon-neutral plan in San Diego.

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