61% Protected Open Space

Newland Sierra provides what is most needed in the community, homes and open space. Our plan leaves 1,209 acres of the property as public open space, along with 36 acres of parks and 19 miles of trails and 378 acres as fuel modification zones. * An additional 19% remains undeveloped as a fire buffer around the developed areas

1,245 acres of parks & open space, larger than Balboa Park

19 miles of trails
& 36 acres of parks

Total undeveloped land (open space & fuel modification areas) is 80 percent of the property

More Land Protected

Newland Sierra sets aside or protects the equivalent of 90% of the property or 1,900 acres of the 2,100 acres.

An additional 212 Acres of sensitive North County habitat offsite will also be protected forever.

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North County San Diego.